Web Testing and Software Quality Assurance Test

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The Web Testing and Software Quality Assurance test assesses candidates' ability to design functional tests as part of the software testing process, and assesses candidates' ability to find issues on static and dynamic web sites.

It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening. A good web QA tester should be able to find issues with web sites in exploratory tests, test the web site according to a specification in functional tests and understand the key concepts and techniques behind test development.

This test requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to design effective and efficient tests for a given system and find issues on static and dynamic web sites.

Recommended Job Roles
Quality Assurance Engineer
Web Application Tester
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Quality Assurance Testing procedures Public

Select true statements for user acceptance testing.

Life Period


Quality Assurance Boundary value analysis Specification analysis Test case design Public

A developer needs to write a function for converting age (a whole number), into life period using the following algorithm:

  • If age is zero, it should return INVALID,
  • If age is greater than zero and less than 16, function should return CHILD,
  • If age is greater than or equal to 16, function should return ADULT.

Define the optimal (effective and efficient) set of boundary test cases to test the function.

Question Description


Web Testing Exploratory testing Static web page Public New

Consider the screenshot of web page provided here.

Select all the parts of the web page that contain issues like wrong text formatting, missing a page element, or similar.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

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Quality Assurance Boundary value analysis Specification analysis Test case design State transition Web Testing Exploratory testing Static web page Equivalence partitioning Functional testing Testing procedures Security testing SQL injection Web application security
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