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The software engineering online test assesses candidates' knowledge of programming concepts, principles, and best practices.

It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening. A good software engineer needs to understand how software systems work together, how to optimize them, and how to design systems to avoid potential issues.

This online test requires candidates to answer questions about programming and software architecture.

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Back-End Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Mobile Developer
Software Developer
Web Developer
Web Front-End Developer
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Sample Free Questions

HTTP Request


Software Engineering HTTP life cycle Web development Public

A user types into their browser's address bar for the first time, presses enter, the webpage loads, and renders successfully.

Select the statements that are correct.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Web App Architecture


Software Engineering Software architecture Solution architecture Public New

During a discussion about architecture for a new web app the following sketchup was made:

Web app architecture

The authors of the sketchup forgot to write the descriptions for three components marked with red numbers.

Select the best choice, regarding the context, for the description that should define each component.

Big O Notation


Software Engineering Complexity Public New

For the following pseudocode functions, choose the big O notation that accurately describes its worst-case complexity.

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Service Discovery, Welcome Screen, Advertising Platform, Panel System, Car Persistence, Blame, Collaborative Software, Cloud Solution, Spreadsheet App, HTTP Post, Cookies, Candidates REST API, Mock Configuration, UML Diagrams, Sort Comprehension, Tree Traversal, REST Communications, Engine, Do Recursive, Web Protocol
Software Engineering Microservices Inheritance OOP Behavioral patterns Design patterns Creational patterns Software architecture Software architecture patterns Collaborative environment Solution architecture Cloud computing HTTP Web development REST Inversion of control UML Algorithmic thinking Complexity Recursion Tree traversal Method overriding Network security Protocol
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