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The Agile Scrum Master test evaluates a candidate’s ability to maximize the application of Agile Scrum practices when creating a product.

It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening for candidates who are expected to fill the role of Scrum Master, to facilitate the work of a Scrum team.

This test presents real-world scenarios and requires candidates to answer multiple-choice questions about the principles and core subjects within Scrum.

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Scrum Master
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Sample Free Questions

Backlog Control


Scrum Master Scrum Roles Sprint Planning Public New

A new Scrum Team has been assembled for a new product. During their first Sprint Planning meeting, the Product Owner explains the features she would like implemented during the first Sprint, prioritizes them in the Product Backlog, and creates the Definition of Done. The Development Team is unanimous in their belief that the required features cannot be implemented in the time of a single Sprint.

The Product Owner is unwilling to change her requirements, stating that the Development Team should simply do whatever they can in the time available, but all of the prioritized features should be included in the first Sprint.

What are the problems with this approach?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Unmet Goals


Scrum Master Sprint Sprint Goal Public New

So far, the Scrum Team has completed three Sprints of a new product. The first Sprint had a limited scope and the Sprint Goal was met with plenty of time remaining. However, the second and third Sprints did not meet their goals.

How should the team address this?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Timeboxing Events


Scrum Master Timeboxing Public New

For the company's next product, the Scrum Team decides it would like to try shorter Sprints. It will cut the one month Sprints in half, scaling all of the events appropriately.

In a half-month Sprint, what is the maximum recommended number of hours that a Sprint Planning meeting should last?


If there are two weeks of five work days each in that half-month Sprint, what is the maximum recommended number of minutes that Daily Scrums should take for the entire Sprint? (total)

___ minutes in total.

What is the maximum recommended number of hours that the Sprint Review should take for that half-month Sprint?


What is maximum recommended number of minutes that the Sprint Retrospective should take?

___ minutes.

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