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The C online test assesses candidates' knowledge of programming in the C language.

It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening. A good C developer needs to be able not only to solve problems using C but also understand the implications of low level optimizations.

This online test requires candidates to solve coding problems in C.

Recommended Job Roles
Back-End Developer
C Developer
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Sample Free Questions

Quadratic Equation


C Arithmetic Public New

Implement the function find_roots to find the roots of the quadratic equation: ax2 + bx + c = 0. If the equation has only one solution, the function should return that solution as both roots. The equation will always have at least one solution.

The roots of the quadratic equation can be found with the following formula: A quadratic equation.

For example, the roots of the equation 2x2 + 10x + 8 = 0 are -1 and -4.

Watched Videos


C Arrays Pointers Public

Implement the count_views function. It accepts an array of pointers to the Viewer struct, the size of the array, and the character array with the video name. It should return the number of Viewers who have watched a Video with the name video_name.

For example,

Video videos[] = { {.name = "Soccer", .unique_views = 500},
                   {.name = "Basketball", .unique_views = 1000} };
Viewer viewer = {.username = "Dave", .watched_videos = videos,
                 .watched_videos_size = 2};    
Viewer *viewers[] = { &viewer };

calling count_views(viewers, 1, "Soccer") should return 1.



C Algorithmic thinking Sorting Public

Implement function sort_words that sorts an array of words that contain lowercase characters from english alphabet, in descending order, and is efficient with respect to time used.

For example, the array { "cherry", "orange", "apple" } should, after sorting, become { "orange", "cherry", "apple" }.

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