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The Azure online test assesses candidates' knowledge of cloud infrastructure on the Azure platform.

It's ideal for pre-employment screening. All good Azure developers and administrators should be familiar with the database storage, content delivery, and other functionality that Azure provides.

This online test requires candidates to answer multiple-choice questions about scaling, pricing, configuration, and security.

Recommended Job Roles
Cloud Architect
DevOps Engineer
System Administrator
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Sample Free Questions

Organizing Resources


Azure Billing management Public New

Your company would like to have an Azure account under which it will manage resources for various clients. Resources for each client should be listed on an invoice that contains only items for that specific client, and the invoice should be paid directly by the client. Select all steps you should take to achieve this goal.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Service Bus


Azure Azure Service Bus SAAS Public New

Select all the things that need to be done to setup a new Service Bus and application that:

  • Uses topics and subscriptions.
  • Messages should follow a first in, first out order.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Virtual Machines Networking


Azure Azure Virtual Machines IAAS Public New

A company has three Azure virtual networks, each containing several virtual machines. The first one contains the front-end server, the second contains the back-end server, and the third contains the database. Select all the answers so that the following holds:

  • The front-end virtual network should be load balanced.
  • Only the back-end virtual network should be able to access the database virtual network.
  • Virtual machines in the database virtual network should scale automatically.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

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