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The Amazon Web Services (AWS) online test assesses candidates' knowledge of cloud infrastructure on the Amazon platform.

It's ideal for pre-employment screening. All good AWS developers and administrators should be familiar with the database storage, content delivery, and other functionality that AWS provides.

This online test requires candidates to answer multiple-choice questions about scaling, pricing, configuration, and security.

Recommended Job Roles
Cloud Architect
DevOps Engineer
System Administrator
Sample Candidate Report

Sample Free Questions

Git to Host


AWS EC2 Public New

You want to use an EC2 instance to host a website. The code for your website is in a Git repository.

Select all of the actions you need to perform to host the website on EC2.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Internal Website


AWS EC2 Route 53 S3 Public New

Your boss has requested that you create a simple and inexpensive AWS solution that would make an internal website publicly available.

Furthermore, because of security restraints, AWS resources are accessible from within the company, but AWS services cannot access the company network.

Which statements would allow you to implement a solution based on these constraints?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Web Service


AWS Elastic Beanstalk HTTPS Public New

You are maintaining a Java web service that has been deployed into AWS Elastic Beanstalk (EBS), and want to enable HTTPS support.

Select the correct statements.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

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S3 Storage, Availability, Degraded Environment, Route 53, HTTPS Support, Dynamic Beanstalk, High Bill, IAM
AWS S3 High availability Elastic Beanstalk Route 53 EC2 HTTPS Billing Identity and Access Management
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